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Praise for Morning Earth

• Every morning you bring beauty to my world
and give it words I've never heard before.
With gratitude,

Ronnie Angelus

• I want you to know that every morning I look for your email. It lightens my day. Thank you.

Karol (Pinky) Charon

• Thank you for your Morning Earth Entries. I always look forward to them. I get my cup of coffee and then turn on my computer...and there are your beautiful "odes to earth." A little greeting observing the pleasures and beauty of nature. Lovely!

Mary Salisbury

• Thanks--a moment of peace, joy and learning each morning.

Leslie Clemmons

• Wondrous photograph and poem.

Emilie Buchwald

John, Your work has become an important part of my life, bringing inspiration... And we in Washington are working towards making education for sustainability the new moral imperative for education.

-- Eric B Wuersten
Science Supervisor
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
Washington State

• John....When I get your e-mails I always feel you're out on the borderland sending messages back to us stuck in civilization!

Sandy Spieler, Heart of the Beast Mask and Puppet Theater

• I just had to write to thank you for helping me survive the past several months. Even in my darkest depths, your poems and photos gave me a spot of light, a wee bit of hope for the future. I seem to be dragging myself up out of it now and they resonate even more wonderfully as my senses return.
Thank you so, so warmly,


• Thanks for letting me walk along with you and for pointing out so much for me to see and feel and smell and taste and love because I experience it differently as a

Ed Hessler

• You bring me to tears again, John, as you observe for us what we never notice as you open our little feeling box and unite us with the hidden world.


• Your poetry is inspirational and gives me such awe in the morning.


• What great insight and hope this reading offers, John.
Truly, the dawn is wrapped in the darkness . .

Katie Hanson

• I cannot tell you how much your daily words have sustained me through some deep bouts of homesickness.
Many thanks for the sight of HOME, our grounded home.

Sandy Spieler

• Your insight into nature is inspiring, giving me cause to really stop, look & listen to what is happening around me, take time to "smell the roses" & observe the little miracles that happen before my eyes, yet in this busy world, too often go unobserved. Thank you.

Jim Gaines

• How often I may be outside on a walk or whatever and think about your poetry and how it has sharpened my awareness.

Marly Keller

• ...... thank you so much for all the beautiful images and poems that come my way each day... it is a life-giving force and a source of nourishment.

Anita White

• Thank you once again for bringing beauty into my life.

Lauren Stringer

• John, you put the good in good morning.

Mike Hazard

Your work too travels so far. Each day I bask in the glimmer of the world through your lens. Thank you so so much!

sandy spieler

John, this will sound soppy, I know, so don't laugh, but I think of your poems as paeans of praise for the earth and everything it offers. I learn to see and give thanks as I read.

Sally Miller

• You start my days well. Thank you for you.

Susan Hoch

• Very cool entry you gave us this morning! And you were very observant to see this nice little juxtaposition of opposites!! And you were observant on a deeper level to see human nature's reflection in the "vines trailing across sphagnum." Thank you for doing this lovely gift giving to many of us who are total strangers. It is a wonderful, contemplative way to start the day.

Mary Salisbury

• Thank you for making my day each day!

Ray Voet

• Oh, John - this one is too perfect - both the poem and the commentary. Thanks for the heart-lift of the month.

Neil Hutt

• Every morning I sit down at my computer and draw a deep breath before reading your poem because it is going to pull near-tears -- the leaps you make, the resonance.

Pegatha Hughes

I want to thank you for sending me your poetry each morning.  I look forward to it; it starts my day off in a very lovely way.  Your poems are like meditations for me.  I read them and feel both calmed and invigorated by your insights about this wonderful, beautiful world and its living things.  The photographs are also so exceptional; I've loved seeing the red rock -- and the cardinals against the snowy background the other morning were gorgeous.

Ann Nelson

• I so appreciate your messages each morning. These are your gifts to us, and the wholeness of the gift giving is quite remarkable. Many, many thank yous...

Carol Kaemper

I found your site through a link in the Pioneer Press…
what a delight I found !

Joni Nelson

• I cannot tell you how your work lifts my heart and gives me courage to carry on. Thank you, thank you.

Mary Rose Betten

• The fine miracles of what is given when we simply show up and LOOK.

Winnifred Adams

Just in case you didn't know what your daily visits
bring.....Well....this morning I was feeling "out of it", not an infrequent occurrence these days but quite new to my way of being. After joining you and the little green frog and the others in your swamp I got back " into it.". It? What? The world.? I don't think so. But I smiled and said thank you. Transformational! And it's mine to do whenever I am blessed with reminders such as pileated poets and red bellied birds whose
bellies are yellow. (Or is it the other way? "Bother" said Pooh.)

David Cysewski

• I am enjoying your daily poems and photos so much! I love your appreciation of the beauty of biology, physics, etc. as well as sensual beauty. I am honored to be a contributor to your work.
Thank you so much for writing for all of us every day.

Margaret Stein

This poem amazes me, John. You notice and make connections about the world that make me see the world like a newborn. Thank you for that.

Katie Hanson