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Teacher Resources


Thirty-One Learning Activities
Toward Ecological Literacy

Organized by Ecology Principle



(Read First) How We Learn Science

Through Making Art

Life Lives in Circles

Recycle an Art Animal

Circles, Circles Everywhere
Season Cycle: Singing-In Spring
Season Cycle: Fall Visual Poems
The Circle Dance Poem
Trees of Life, Circles of Life

Energy Flows From the Sun and is Shared

Sunburst of Life

An Energy Moment
A Place of Energy
Praise to What is Precious
Light Gathering

All Lives Transform

The Journey of My Atoms
Myths of Origin
The Wishingbone
Transforming Childhood
Recycling's Unsung Heroes
Becoming Another with a Mask
Coyote's Questions

All Lives Seek Balance

Balancing a Community
Recognizing the Others
I Wish to Speak For…

Symbiosis & Interliving

Praise to the Small Ones

Edges, Where the (Inter)Action Is
Community--Who Belongs?
A Message to Earth

We All Belong to the Biosphere

Sound Play: Natural Music
A Moment of Wholeness
The Connections Game
Come Into Animal Presence
Earth Quilt

Tips On Teaching the Arts