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A Sampling of Kids' Earth Poems One

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Human Energy

When I give light
I also receive,
When I smile
I give light to others,
they give light to me.

It is with the light
all of us give, all,
that we are free.

Hugh Brown, gr 4, Red Wing, MN


The Earth's Cycle

Thank you for the soil
I get my food from,
Thank you for the rain that helps me grow,
Thank you for the sun that warms me,
Thank you for leaving the seeds of my children
so the Earth cycle can return over again.

Ian M., gr. 4, Red Wing, MN



The misty mist traveled around my face,
It looked like thousand of little sparkling ants,
The fog was around the trees and the fog was gone,
And it was winter and the gleaming snow covered
All the fog.

Tyler M., gr.4, Apple Valley, MN



Earth Dancer 

Earth, if you are the land, 
then I am the dancer dancing with you, 
my toes tickling your nose. 

I am the dancer  
I dance all around

I am the salmon 
You are the water 
I am the salmon who fly in the air, 
I am the salmon who dance up the waters 

I am the dancer  
I dance all around

I am the bird who dances in sky, 
Oh, look at me fly! 

I am the dancer  
I dance all around

I am the turtle who goes oh so slow, 
But if you look closely you'll know 
that when I do move I'm doing a dance. 

I am the dancer  
I dance all around

I am the frog that hops on a log, 
Oh, look at me! I'm dancing along. 

I am the dancer  
I dance round and round

I am the stars that dance in the night, 
I wish I may, I wish I might, 
I wish I might dance all this night. 

I am the dancer  
I dance round the round

Sara R., gr. 4, Red Wing, MN


Fog is white
Fog is wet
Fog can be cloudy
Fog is hard to see in
Not able to see far away
Kids wear jackets in fog
Gets cold
Gets windy
Bare trees
Leaves on the ground

Olivia H., gr.4, Apple Valley, MN

Eyes on winter.
Nature is going south .
Clouds come down to say hi.
Leaves are leaving us.
The trees are bare.
White will be Earth.

Tyler S.,gr. 4, Apple Valley, MN


What is Precious?

Birds singing morning
Leaves touching my face
sand between my toes
rabbits in the meadow
a rushing stream
A cricket chirping night 

Heather L., gr. 4, Red Wing, MN


Trees, leaves
All around,
Fun to jump in
Up and down,
Fun to climb in
Up and down.

Brittany W. , gr 4, Apple Valley, MN

When I feel afraid
I turn into a lion being whipped
by a circus man
forcing me to jump through
the burning fire hoop.

Johnny C., gr.4, Apple Valley, MN


There is sun on the clover,and sun on the log. 
 Sun on the fish pond,and sun on the frog. 
 Sun on the honey bee and sun on the crows. 
 Sun on the washline to dry the clean clothes.

Alice F, gr 4, Decorah, IA 


Last Snowflake 

Snowflake snowflake 
blowing into town: 
one last winter's life 
a raindrop in summer's life

 Alice F., gr. 4, Decorah, IA

What is Precious

Birds in their main season,
birds in my back yard
at night, chirping,
A sweet chirp,
A gentle sound,
Purifies the heart,
beautiful sound,
Fall asleep. 

Justin Larson, gr.4, Apple Valley, MN

The rain comes down lightly as soft snow, 
I watch the foggy air 
come out of my mouth, 
I close my eyes and pretend 
I am lying on a cloud. 

Samantha, gr 4, Slate Hill, NY 

 The Funeral

The days were slow, 
The sky heavy and blue, 
All the flowers dancing, 
As the grass is green, 
My heart was set on a unhappy scene. 

Katie, Ojai, CA 

Dances of Horses

     While the horses are being saddled 
     Other horse's feet dance while they wait 
     While two horses are in a battle 
     The other horse's tails are dancing the flies away 
     While other horses are dancing with the cattle 
     My lips dance when I say, "Hoh" to my horse. 

 Candice, gr.3, Ojai, CA 

         Dirt Dances

When I ride my motorcycle, 
Dirt dances around me

In the desert, 
I trip and fall, 
But, my dad comes and says, 
There's only dirt dancing around you.

When I'm riding my dirtbike, 
I love to go on jumps. 
My bike dances in the air, 
As I take a header into the dirt, 

But I dance back up and I 
Hop back on and ride into the
Dirty campground, 
Then,after all that, 
The dirt continues to dance.

           Brittany, gr.3, Ojai, CA 

Things That Mean A Lot to Me    

The feeling of sun on my back 
The chime of a grandfather clock 
Raindrops at night 
Leaves that crackle 
Water that drips from a faucet 
The smell of flowers 
Baseball cards 
Music on the radio 
Roller coaster 
Candle flames  

Louis T., gr. 3, Davenport, IA 

Summer and How it Seems 

Filled with vacations 
butterflies flapping their wings, 
beauty of green grass, 
smells of flowers. 
Squirrels run up trees, 
people have fun. 
The sunset is beauty. 
The hard thing 
is that it gets dark 
real, real early, 
then we have to go to bed. 

Brianne, gr. 2, , Omaha, NE 

Mosquito Rhymes 

Mosquito mosquito please leave me alone, 
you're biting me way down to the bone. 
Now you know how I feel, 
time to go somewhere else for a meal. 
You're annoying, you itch, 
You have a high pitch. 
Go away, go away, you're bugging me, 
you always bite me right on the knee. 
Now it's time for me to go, 
so never bite me on the toe.

Heather, gr 2, Omaha, NE 

Autumn Falls

Like leaves in the wind. 
Eating carameled apples under a tree, 
putting on costumes on Halloween, 
turkey on Thamksgiving Day, 
Going outside, 
playing in leaves when it's warm, 
watching out the windowsill, 
watching the leaves fall down to the ground.

Amy, gr 2, Omaha, NE 


When I look out my bedroom window 
I see the snowflakes are starting to flindel. 
The snowflakes are so exquisite and neat, 
It looked as if I could reach out and grab one. 
It looks like an avalanche falling from the sky, 
Each flake is a different size and shape, 
Some are sideways, some are straight. 
Some are cool, some are weird, 
Some look like a man with a beard. 
I like those snowflakes that are all bunched upó 
they look like a lot of people having a snowball fight, 
and I wish I could join them.

    Mallorie, gr. 4, Le Suer, MN 

In Celebration of Hoar-Frost on the Trees 

The tree tops are full of frost. 
The sprinkles of snowy frost on the trees make me shiver. 
It looks like icicles made of frost, 
Like flakes of snow on the tree branches. 
Subzero freezes people and they turn into frosty ashes. 
The cold outside makes me crave hot chocolate. 

The frost on the trees looks like Christmas, 
like Christmas tree decorations, 
like white Christmas trees, 
like an upside down ice cream cone. 

The frost on the trees looks like frosting, 
like rice, 
like sugar crystals, 
like broccoli with cottage cheese. 
The frost on the trees tastes good! 

The frost on the trees looks like rocks standing still, 
like snow-covered mountains, 
like valley daisies, 
like birch bark. 

The frost on the trees looks like snowy owls, 
like eagle feathers, 
like the top of a bald eagle's head. 

The frost on the trees looks like the ice rink when you've been skating, 
like the snow from the sky, 
like frozen lakes, 
like a snowman without the circles. 

The frost on the trees looks like hair, 
like a skeleton of tree bones, 
like finger bones, 
like the gray hair of an old man. 

The frost on the trees looks like a pure white dress, 
like lace in the sky, 
like clouds on a tree, 
like fluffy cotton. 

The frost on the trees looks like the legs of a white unicorn. 

Ms. Quam's 2nd Grade Class, with Artist/Naturalist Beth Peterson,
Museum Magnet School, St. Paul, MN 


When driving in the car 
I saw mountains high in the sky 
with trees bare like light bulbs.

Shannon,  Slate Hill, New York 

I Like Winter

Because of the crackling fire that charms my ears, 
The warm blankets that put me to sleep, 
And the hot chocolate that warms my body after shoveling with my dad. 
Winter, sing to me of snowflakes that please my eyes like gold in a treasure chest, 
The sound of snowblowers that sound in the evening clearing the sidewalks, 
And the oak trees that are missing their leaves 
but hold the snow on their branches. 
Winter, whisper to me of hot baths that make me feel nice and clean before bed, 
And sleds that "whoosh!" down the hills making cool sounds. 

Louis T., grade 3 , Davenport, Iowa 


This morning, 
while I was waiting in line, 
my fingertips were numb, 
listening to all the voices 
in the background fade away.

                              Will, gr3, Ojai, CA 



Bright, light 
Shining, burning, shooting 
Hidden from our sight till night.

Jaymes, Polk County, Iowa 


I have seen a mountain sleeping. 
It has a blanket of clouds just ready to burst, 
to rain as hard as it can 
refreshing everything. 

 Vanessa, gr. 5, Ojai, California 


As I look out my window 
I see the clear blue sky and its white fluffy clouds. 
I see trees with their bare, brown branches. 
Spring is coming and they will soon get their green leaves. 
All of this is set back by a group of mountaintops. 
The blue sky towers above them 
like water running down a stream. 

Anna, gr. 5, Ojai, California 

I love the scent of spring rain, 
So sweet and special again and again, 
It trickles onto the melting snow 
Right next to a peaceful doe. 
The birds' beautiful gentle song, 
Makes me want to live so long. 
The gorgeous silence of this beautiful thicket, 
I listen as the rain sprinkles on every animal and cricket, 
And my day in this spring is sweet and special again.

Kay L., Tecumseh, Michigan 


Once I looked down, 
I  saw a puddle on the ground, 

It ran around and around, 
Then it just disapeared.  It made me frown, 

I looked up and it fell out of a cloud, 
And did its stuff all over again. 

   Heather W, gr 5, Maquoketa, Iowa 


The snow melting into my mind. 
Stillness yet life. 
The endless moving branches. 
So empty. 

Modern buildings. 
So much fakeness. 
Dead silence, cold silence. 

A leaf blows slowly in a pile. 
The wind blows gently, bringing life. 
Hardly a blade of grass moves. 
Like a picture, melting into my mind. 

The grass changing back, yet still half brown. 
A table just sits in the cold. 

It's as if nothing changes, yet 
it's the little differences. 
So much life you can't see. 
It holds so much inside, 
under and within.

 Crystal, Polk County, IA 

Ice Storm, January 1998 

Outside it looked like Mother Nature 
was having a bad day. 
The snowflakes were her tears. 
The ice was her pain. 
And she was blaming us. 

Christopher S. gr 5, Slate Hill,NY 


My blood makes a circle 
Through my heart. 

Earth makes a circle. 
We of Earth are one part. 

Tommy Johnson, gr 2, Robbinsdale, MN



Around We Go,
We Go Around

We are like Earth 
That circles the sun

Around We Go,
We Go Around

We are like clocks 
That circle the day 
First it is day, 
Then it is night

Around We Go,
We Go Around

We are like circles in raindrops that drop 
To make circles on the pond 
that grow bigger and bigger and bigger

Around We Go,
We Go Around

The Earth is round 
It spins around 
The Earth is round 
It never stops!

Around We Go,
We Go Around
We Never Stop.

Stephanie Vittorio, gr 2, Robbinsdale MN


Winter Dances on Spring Dances on Summer Dances on Fall
Winter Dances on Snow, 
Spring Dances on Green, 
Summer Dances on Water, 
Fall Dances on Dry Leaves. 
Winter Dances on Spring Dances on Summer Dances on Fall. 

Korey Doering, gr 2, Chisago Schools




Raindrops are singing with clouds, 
And when there are too many singers, 
they all break away and start to fall. 
Now, raindrops are singing on children's tongues, 
singing on lakes, on rivers, on oceans, 
on roof tops, on cars, on umbrellas, 
on tree tops, on plants, on little tiny shoulders, 
heads, on every little blade of grass.
Finally, when all of the singers have fallen, 
it all dries up. The raindrops go back up 
in a secret elevator, and sing with the clouds again. 

Caitlin D., gr. 5, Red Wing, MN



If you understand Nature, 
The deer will eat from your hand. 
The sun makes the plants, 
Animals eat the plants, 
The humans eat the animals, 
and Earth needs the humans to take care of it. 
So you see, as you stare 
into the endless sky, 
we live from our Mother Gaia's birth, 
and if you understand Nature, 
The deer will eat from your hand. 
And we all, plants, animals, humans, 
are children of the Earth. 

Maria Domeier,gr. 5, Red Wing, MN


a faded blue day 
a soft worn sky 
like an old pair of jeans, 
light and then lighter 

clouds pushed and pulled, 
trees trying to touch them, 
a day just for lying 
on green grassy carpets 
with flowers around me, 
my arm for a pillow 

the colors of summer 
are bright but still mellow, 
the feel and the sound 
are the same but still new 

aloneness and oneness 
with all things in nature, 
and the sky, 
and this day. 

Jenny Prosser, gr 10, Stillwater,MN



Swimming forward into harmony, 
breaking boundaries 
both of water and of air, 
Venturing forth to 
engulf themselves in 
the realm of pure dance, 
the grebes, Western grebes, 
rush forward to 
symbolize the universe, 
yet create it, 
for out of pure dance 
the cosmic egg is laid.

Ben Wurtman, gr 6, Apple Valley, MN


Hear the heart pound 
against the Earth's floor! 
As it laughs around the sun, 
Earth moves, 
Look at it dance 
around the sun! 
Earth started laughing 
at its dancing, 
Can you hear it? 
It laughs around you! 
Hear the heart pound! 
The wind will 
blow you away with 
the sounds of Earth's laugh! 

Teresa Dondelinger, gr 6, Columbia Heights, MN


Dancing, dancing, 
everything dances - 
The wildflowers dance 
for the beauty, 
Beauty dances 
for the wild living animals, 
All the animals dance 
for the wilderness green, 
The wilderness green dances 
for all the living people - 
But the living people don't dance 
for the wilderness green, 
So the wilderness green may not 
dance for long 

Andy Bipes, gr. 5, Hopkins, MN



A seed dances into a trunk, 
A trunk dances into a branch, 
A branch dances into a twig, 
A twig dances into a leaf, 
A leaf dances into light, 
The light dances all over Me! 
Can't you see? 
The tree is growing 
Just like Me! 

Trameisha Greer, gr 5, Hopkins, MN


I strolled. 
An occasional sea spray, 
powdery white sand mingled with wind & water, 
I became one with the scape, 
danced on the line between surf and sand. 
Further out I skipped, 
glints off the water, a stirring inside me, 
I leapt, let go of my self. 
Up with me rose the silvery creatures, 
the harmony of surf & wind joined with my spirit, 
two dolphins dancing with me, 
all colors and feelings released, effervescence- 
A wave rolled, 
closed in and washed me over, made my skin glitter. 
The dolphins dove. 
I watched. 
They took part of me and left parts of themselves. 

Dee Dee Budde, gr 8, Columbia Heights, MN


I saw a redwinged bird 
chasing a hawk. 
The hawk was gliding 
through the sky 
like he was walking 
in thin air. 
The redwing said he was cool. 
He can drill through the hawk 
like a daffodil stem 
drills through to the sun. 

Darius Armstrong , gr 2, Robbinsdale, MN


I like the color of Medicine Lake, 
and the way you move so free. 
I like the chirping of the frog 
I hear but do not see. 
I like the way the geese fly high, 
the geese so high and free. 

Mary Herkal, gr 2, Robbinsdale, MN


The soaring bird 
is like a kite 
tippy and wobbly- 
It might fall 
It might stay up. 
I watch it 
like I've never seen 
a bird before. 
My eyes just 
stick to it 
like it is the most 
beautiful thing 
I've ever seen. 
Feathers so delicate, 
it stays in perfect 
hovering like it is 
there forever, 
up and up 'till you 
can't see it. 
It stays in my head 

Pam Holschuh, Gr. 2, Robbinsdale, MN


Spring, sing to me the birth 
of sitting on a fence, 
a blue jay's calls, 
the soft touch of a rose petal 
sing to me quietly the croak of a frog, 
the excitement of life, 
the glow of growing 

Spring, sing to me of 
the energy of life, 
the noticing of bright-colored clothing, 
the birth of rain and puddles, 
the wonderful moisture in the air, 
the urge to hunt. 

Chelsea Prax, gr. 2, Richfield, MN

St. Croix River Valley

up in the sky 
on a rock 
over the big blue water 
across the deep valley of trees 
I stood-tall and full, like a mast-head of 
a special ship, one that was alive. 

I felt the earth move 
around my body as I lay sinking into its love, 
satisfied by caresses the wind gave me freely 

all day the sun felt warm 
and I sat on the edge of the cliff 

dangling my feet over the whole world 
playing an imaginary flute, the music 
around me, sun warm and the river below 
twinkled and quivered, showing off 
rainbow patterns in its waves and flow, 
sparkling like a wet Milky Way. 

Jenny Prosser, gr 10, Stillwater, Mn  


Looking into the woods,
Shining stars in a night sky,
Sunshine moving on a stream,
A comet in night sky,
Sitting in a boat looking into the water,
Touching a smooth rock,
Rose bushes in a garden,
The beauty of a daisy,
The beauty 

Katie H., gr.4, Red Wing, MN

You are a leaf,
I am the treefrog that will sleep on you.
When I hide, I will hide under you for safety,
When I get caught, I will come back to you,
When I die, you will be my grave where I will rest in peace. 

Taylor S., gr. 4, , Red Wing, MN 

if I am the bird,
Then you are the birdhouse I nest in.
Earth, if you are the soil,
Then I am the flower growing from you.
Earth, if you are the tree,
Then I am the oxygen coming from you.
Earth, if I am the fly
Then you are the lizard swallowing me.

Ivan R.,  gr. 4, Red Wing, MN 


The slush is frozen to ice once again. 
Somehow the grass has managed to stay green. 
 A train whistle blows in the background 
just out of eyes' reach.  The still-life portrait 
remains as my mind paints it. 
Dead trees, shining snow. 
All falls into place. 
All there and real. 
I notice a dip in the land from my window span. 
It's filled with snow. It's deep, 
Not in length, but it burrows into me. The 
outside is like a deep trance altogether. 
Now it's a whining dog heard, but not seen. 
I see what I see. Ugliness inside great beauty. 
Wondering picture. My painting. 
With many others, my world.

Crystal, Polk County, IA 


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