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How We Learn Science

Through Making Art



Engage the Heart and the Mind Will Follow

Art is the path to the human heart

Each Morning Earth Learning  Activity
focuses on a major principle of  ecology.


Each activity asks  learners
to make some form of art.

As the art is made the  student
implicitly learns the ecology principle.
In this creating the  mind is informed
while the heart is engaged.


Why Art and Science Together?


Science and art are two ways of knowing. The separation between them is partly an illusion of our time, for science and art share much.

As we make art we practice what the two disciplines share:

In both Arts and Science

We observe Nature closely

In both Arts and Science

We image and record what we observe

In both Arts and Science

We discover and express essential qualities

In both Arts and Science

We search for pattern and order

In both Arts and Science

We ask: "What if...?" and then experiment


The Arts Motivate Learners Powerfully: How?



• Art communicates to the whole person

• Art-making combines a willingness to play
with the intense mindfulness of the child

• Art makes a commitment to beauty, and to the joy it brings

• As we make art we discover that we know more than we thought

• Art has a splendid ability to heal the human heart


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