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Life Lives in Circles and Cycles
from Macro to Micro

Macro-Scale Circles and Cycles
Human-Scale Circles and Cycles
Micro-Scale Circles and Cycles

Macro-Scale Circles and Cycles

The circle, the sphere and the cycle are everywhere in life, everywhere on earth, everywhere in the universe. The pictures below show enormous circle forms. Together they show the power of the circle form in the universe. At this astronomical scale, gravity is the force that creates these forms.

Mons Olympus on Mars, a volcano the size of Arizona.

Earthrise over the Moon
whirling hurricane leaving Florida
gas giant Jupiter
"starburst" galaxy
ring nebula
Saturn and rings
impact crater on Moon
Uranus with rings
Andromeda spiral galaxy
Io, volcanic moon of Jupiter


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Human-Scale Circles and Cycles

At our middle size, small in cosmic terms, huge in earthlife terms, circles and cycles are happening everywhere, everywhen. For thousands of years, old humans made stone circles as the best shape for worship.

The Merry Maidens Stone Circle in Cornwall, circa 3,000BC

dandelion bud
forest mushroom
sea urchin
tall coneflower
turkscap lily
fern tips uncoiling
ram's horns
snapping turtle


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Micro-Scale Circles and Cycles

The circle and cycle form is a theme of the entire universe at every possible size. Electrons whirl around nuclei of every atom.

white and red blood cells
a red blood cell
model of a virus
volvox, a colonial alga
embryos in gastrula stage
a silicate diatom
human ovum
spherical spores of cinnamon fern
foramiferan shell
embryo beginning to divide


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