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How Does Life Work?

Biosphere as an Expression of Spirit

Earth Goddess,
Mother Nature, Gaia

The Biosphere is Process, Place, Community, and for humanity, Spirit.

We are the Earth given eyes and reflection; as we observe the natural world, we are Earth observing itself. When we as artists depict Earth, we are Earth celebrating itself, Life loving Life.

Art has been a vehicle to carry Spirit through time. Over the centuries people of all cultures have shown in their arts the sense that there is a wholeness to Earth, a unity of Life, known but not directly seen.

The Earth Goddess is a primordial Archetypal mythic figure, an image that emerges up from the human mind across all cultures and throughout history. The Earth Goddess is part of our deepest inheritance. In art the Goddess is a symbol of birth, flowering, re-birth. In religion, the Goddess traditionally is the generator of Life. However we explain her universal presence, the The Earth Goddess is an image that we humans find persuasive and compelling. We see her creative aspect in Nature; we see her destructive aspect in Nature. She is Mystery and Revelation. Whether named Tiamat, Gaia, or Mari, the Mother Goddess has been revered since humanity began. She is beautiful, she is terrible; she creates, she destroys; she is Parvati, she is Kali-Durga; she is Ishtar and Irkalla, she is Ceres and Persephone; she is Maiden and Mother and Crone.

A Gallery of Earth Goddesses (click to enlarge)

Mud Maid sculpture
by Sue Hill

Bella Lumina,
by Tien Hou, glass


Ishtar, ancient Mesopotamia

Goddess. wood,
by Claudine Burns-Smith

Goddess, stone
by Pye Engstrom

Gaia, glass
by Colin Heaney

Irish Goddess

Goddess, Gorang

ancient Hittite

Goddess, stone
by Diane Cochran

mosaic goddess, by Jack Lewis

Goddess sculpture
by Elizabeth Ross

Goddess floral
sculpture, Quebec

ancient Egypt

Goddess by Shannon

Thunderbird, America

Eve, earth sculpture
by Sue Hill

prehistoric stone

Goddess sculpture

Goddess Kali India

ancient Greece

prehistoric stone

Nefertiti sculpture
ancient Egypt

Minoan snake goddess