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How Does Life Work?

Biosphere Process

Biosphere as
an Expression of Spirit

Tree of Life


The Biosphere is Process, Place, Community, and for humanity, Spirit.

We are the Earth made conscious; as we observe the natural world, we observe our larger selves.

Art has been a vehicle to carry Spirit through time. Over the centuries people of all cultures have shown in their arts the sense that there is a wholeness to Earth, a unity of Life, known but not directly seen.

The Tree of Life is an Archetype, an image that springs up from the human mind across many cultures and throughout history. The Tree of Life is apparently part of our inheritance. In art the Tree is a symbol of growth, interconnectedness, and flowering. In religion, the Tree traditionally is the Center of the Cosmos. In biology the Tree has come to be a description of evolutionary relationships. In many Trees of Life, the branches are filled with various animals However we explain its prevalence, the Tree of Life is an image that we humans find compelling.

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Shaker Tree of Life Guadalupe Tree of Life, by Jane LaFazio

Celtic Tree of Life
© Jen Delyth 1990

Tribal Tree of Life hanging, India

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