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Photos by John Caddy





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Pileated Woodpecker Male Head-on, Minnesota December

Acorn Woodpecker,
The Pinnacles, California

Sea Otter Scratching Chin, Feels So Good, Monterey Bay, California

Wild Turkscap Lily in Cattails, Minnesota

Painted Turtle on Spring Stump, Minnesota

Harebell Flowers with Bud, Minnesota

Treefrog Balanced on Petal, Minnesota

Velvetfoot Mushrooms, Minnesota November

Giant Swallowtail on Purple Coneflower, Minnesota

Milkweed Seeds Spill into Air, Minnesota

Red Oak Leaves Backlit, Minnesota October

Cardinal Male with Red Basswood Buds, Minnesota Winter

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, Nectaring on Lily

Aphrodite Fritillary on Wild Bergamot


Barrel Cactus and Agave: Baja Sur, Mexico


Beaver Pleasure: tail curls as he chews tasty root

Sandhill Crane Pair in Spring Snow

Great Egrets Reflect

Green Heron About to Fly



Grass Pink Orchid (Calopogon tuberosis): northwoods Minnesota



Trumpeter Swans Lift from Winter Mist,
Mississippi River, Minnesota


Earthstar Fungus in Lava: Sunset Crater, Arizona



Showy Ladyslippers, Northwoods Minnesota

Landscape: Arches Nationa Park, Utahl


Autumn Dreamcatcher: Minnesota


Great Egret Launches (
Ardea alba): Minnesota


Hepatica nobilis Blooms First in Spring


Great Spangled Fritillary:
northwoods Minnesota

Katydid Nymph Seeks Pollen in Daylily

King of the Roost

Falling Hoarfrost Crystals, Goldenrod Seedhead


Mirrorcurve: A waterlily leaf lifts into light


Monarch Drinks
of Autumn Thistles

Maple Leaf Afloat,Minnesota October


Mushroom with Leaf Monk, Minnesota September


Cape Perpetua Waters Churn, Oregon Coast


Painted Lady Drinks Nectar: Northwoods Minnesota



Red Squirrel Poised to Leap, Minnesota



Sagebrush in Lava: Owens Valley, California



Heermann's Gull hunts Harbor Seal scraps, Northern California



Sea Otter Floats in Kelp: Moss Landing, California



Showy Egret Shows Golden Feet: Malibu, California


Bluebells and Fern Fiddleheads,
Minnesota Spring

Rainbow Wing Flower Fly, Minnesota

River Jewelwing Damselfly, Saint Croix River

Bullhead Pups in Stream, Minnesota

Chicken of the Woods Fungus on Oak, Minnesota

Flame Skimmer Dragonfly, Darwin Falls, Death Valley, California


Ripple Mandala, Minnesota pond

Water Lily in a Stream, Minnesota

Globular Springtails on Mushroom, Minnesota (Magnified)

Northern Pearly Eye Nectaring on Marsh Milkweed

California Scrub Jay Staredown

Tamarack Row Autumn, Minnesota

Eastern Pondhawk, Minnesota

Calico Pennant Dragonfly, Minnesota

Wild Rose Pool, Northwoods Minnesota

Bark Beetle Larva Carving, Minnesota

Coastal Rainforest, Northern California

Vine Maple Among Redwoods, Northern California

Loggerhead Shrike Hunts from Ocatillo, Joshua Tree National Park, CA


Crimson Rosella
in Flowers, Queensland, Australia

Katydid Nymph
, Late Instar, Minnesota midsummer

Maidenhair Fern Under Pines
, California

Painted Turtles Four
, O'Brien State Park, MN

Sulphur Cockatoo Trio
, Queensland, Australia

Mother Toad Turns, Minnesota

Widow Skimmer Dragonfly As the Leaf Turns

Copyright © John Caddy 2013 All Rights Reserved