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Daily Healing Images

Each weekday morning, Morning Earth subscribers receive by email a photo/poem which celebrates a gift from Earth. For fourteen years poet John Caddy has been e-mailing healing news of the wild in photos and poems to over two thousand classrooms and persons on six continents. These morning poems are archived here, with clickable thumbnails.

Morning Earth Healing Images 8.1.2014

From the high road, Arch Rock reveals
plant life of gold-brown on its tabletop.
Seeds have but one job, find a place
to swell with wet and thrust root down.
Windborne, they found Arch Rock to
grow and gather insects for the gulls





































































Note: My photos are captured instants which I use to trigger memory. My short-term memory is damaged from stroke, and this is my adaptation. These are not illustrated poems, nor are they captioned photos. These Morning Earth Entries are a unity that replays an intense moment of direct sensory experience--and a bit of its nourishment.

~John Caddy

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