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Module Five

All Lives Seek Balance

Concept Stream:

Study in How Does Life Work

Balance Introduction (special attention Feedback Loops)
Balance in Natural Communities (special attention: Biodiversity)
Balancing the Planet: Gaia Theory

Project Stream

Journal of Everyday Earth: Create three Entries each mod, Post two. There is no expectation of polished work--these are in-process entries.

Take a risk--try something you have never done.

For Journal this Mod, think about the many ways that aspects of balance are found in human arts and physiology: Consider Symmetry, why we enjoy variations on a theme (Herrick, "a sweet disorder in the dress/ kindles in me a wantonness/", how it is that rhythms strike us so deeply, why our species depends so strongly on pattern recognition.

Mod 5 : Write an entry about an earth-gift you have recently received that called up in you some association with Balance or Imbalance.

Process Stream:

Learning Activities: Please read all three activities and imagine doing one with students or another kind of group, with you leading.


New Assignment Kind:

Read "Recognizing the Others" with care, and write a brief reflection on it in your journal. Include your sense of how this activity might be received by your students and your peers, parents, and perhaps by your local developers/businessmen.