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The Ecology of Creativity

Module Four


Concept Stream:

Study: How Does Life Work?

Six Ways Lives Transform

In the Mind: Becoming Other
Ecological Succession




Project Stream


Journal of Everyday Earth: Create three Entries each mod, Post two. There is no expectation of polished work--these are in-process entries.

Take a risk--For an entry, try something you have never done.

For Journal, think about the many ways that transformation is found in human arts:

Mod 3 : Write an entry about an earth-gift you have recently received that called up in you some association with transformation. Death is the obvious choice, and a potent one, but try to find some others as well, such as the daily roles you perform, or what masks you wear.
May be descriptive prose, poetry, or a writing/photo combination. Or post a drawing or painting (scanned or photographed), also, of course, apropos transformation.

Caution: There is every reason to include the human in your journal.



Process Stream:


Learning Activities: Please read all five activities. Look closely at the results. Choose one or two of the five to do. If you like the result, post it in your Journal.


  The Journey of My Atoms
  Myths of Origin
  The Wishingbone
  Transforming Childhood
  Recycling's Unsung Heroes