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The Ecology of Creativity

Module Three, Oct. 25,2010


Concept Stream:

Study: How Does Life Work?

Energy Introduction

How Everything Makes a Living

Energy Transfers From Life to Life




Project Stream


Journal of Everyday Earth: From this week on, Create three Entries each week, Post two. There is no expectation of polished work--these are in-process entries.

Take a risk--try something you have never done.

Mod 3 Challenge(optional): Write an entry about an earth-gift you have recently received that called up in you some association with energy.
May be descriptive prose, poetry, or a writing/photo combination. Or post a drawing or painting (scanned or photographed), also, of course, apropos energy.

Caution: There is no reason to exclude the human from your journal.



Process Stream:


Learning Activities: Please read all five activities below. Look closely at the results. Choose one of the five to do. Light Gathering works well with all ages, as does Praise to What is Precious.
Post the results in your Journal, as one of your Entries.

Note: In our teaching, we are often so impressed with food chains and trophic levels (they are easy to teach) that we forget they do a poor job of describing reality, which is incredibly complex food webs. Sunburst of Life works well, and is fun, but in retrospect seems too simplistic.

  Sunburst of Life
  An Energy Moment
  Praise to What is Precious
  A Place of Energy
  Light Gathering