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The Ecology of Creativity

Module Two


Concept Stream:

Study in: How Does Life Work?

Life Lives in Circles

Life Materials Cycle and Recycle

Season Cycle

Nutrient Cycling

Cycles in Macro and Micro-Scale

Supplementary: All Lives Seek Balance: Feedback Loops


Project Stream


Artist/Naturalist: Continue to explore Artist/Naturalist Pages Go HERE. See if you can discover an affinity for some of these artist/naturalists, living or passed.

For Journal, Read Closely : Tips for Teaching Art




Process Stream:


Learning Activity: Do Recycle an Art Animal

This is a powerful activity. Pay attention to how it works. If at all possible, do it with children. If not, do it with other adults, but please do not attempt to role-play children

This activity takes some time. If you do it by yourself, give the time it requires. Actually do the entire activity. Do invest the animals with your emotions.