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The Ecology of Creativity

Module One: A Beginning Place


Introduction: This course intertwines ideas and art-making throughout. It is organized into week-long modules, which should make it easier to stay on track and keep up. Each module consists of:

  Concept Stream: Reading and discussion.
Traditional, cognitive college materials
  Project Stream: Ongoing long-term Projects; including the Online Earth Journal of each student
  Process Stream: Focus here is on doing--making art and observing nature, plus online discussion and reflections; interactive forums where students post questions from any stream and discuss.

Concept Stream:

Read: The Ecological Function of Art Making and Sharing

Read: Yearning to Be Round Chapter One
Download Chapter One PDF file

Read: Coyote's Questions
Read: How We Learn Science Through Making Art


Project Stream


Introduction to Earth Journalling


Artist/Naturalist: For this course, you will take the role of Artist/Naturalist. Go HERE, and thoroughly explore. See if you can discover an affinity for one of these artist/naturalists, living or passed.

Journal of Everyday Earth: each student will create a journal of art made in response to Earth Gifts and add to it at least two times a week.

Note: You are not required to post Journal Entries until Week Three, beginning, in Fall 2010, October 25. However, you are welcome to post before that if you like.


Process Stream:

Comment/discuss Coyote's Questions on Blackboard

Optional Learning Activity: Create a Circle of Life or a Tree of Life

Also see Tree of Life