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Original Artist/Naturalist cave painting
Chauvet, France, 33,000 years ago

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Ansel Adams Peter Adams John Caddy Rachel Carson Kelly Finnerty
Charla Puryear Barbara Roux


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John Muir
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William Beebe
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What is an Artist/Naturalist?

An Artist/Naturalist is a person whose intelligence and sense of self is embedded in Nature, and who expresses that deep connection through making art.

Any and all arts are open to the Artist/Naturalist. The Artist/Naturalists on Morning Earth pages include poets, painters, sculptors, writers. They include a pioneer entomologist; an ecologist; childrens’ writers, one of whom was also a mycologist; illustrators; interpretive naturalists and residency artists. Some are lively, some are dead but their gifts are quickened each time they are experienced.

The Artist/Naturalist’s connection to Earth is profound. Artist/Naturalists generally identify themselves as one part of Earth, one part of Creation, one member of the Biosphere, one aspect of Gaia.

As you can see from the cave-painting above, Artist/Naturalists go back to human beginnings, for the arts have always been religious in their essence. Praise and celebration of life are root motives for making.

The Artist/Naturalist’s conscious connection to Earth sometimes begins in childhood as a kind of epiphany, but as often is a moment of recognition that a person comes to later.

Both art-making and the natural Earth are central to an Artist/Naturalist. They are the complements of the yin yang that completes the whole.

The urge to celebrate Earth, to praise its wholeness, the beauty and joy Earth provides: these fan the Artist/Naturalist’s fire of making.





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