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Barbara Roux

Installation artist and photographer Barbara Roux produces works that document the shrinking natural environment around her home town of Lloyd Harbor, Long Island. Her work is greatly influenced by her participation in conservation projects both in the United States and abroad. Roux has devoted her life to exploring and trying to protect Long Island’s meadows and woodlands. Her reverence for nature reveals itself in narrative poems, color photographs, messages written on grape leaves or tree stumps, and “evidence bags” whose contents might include grass, pond water or dirt.


Chase, from installation Under Cover of Trees

As the crow flies

A blind moon bids the sap to rise, buds to form

Ecology 3

Moon Stone, installation

Vines Conceal Hungry Catbirds

Shadows of branches are missing.

Installation, Under Cover of Trees

Book, Under Cover of Trees, photographs and poetry

Wetland Myths, cover of Orion Magazine, Jan-Feb 2008

In Her Own Words

I am an artist who communicates directly with nature. My work concerns issues of natural history, habitat loss and conservation. The little events caused by some interference on the life of an isolated plant in the wilderness concerns me. Walking through wild areas, I hunt for the out of season and out of place. My projects are my narrative on lives that are on the verge and struggling.

I like the way nature surprises me. There is silence in nature and everything I learn from vigilant observation inspires me. The way a tree heals itself for instance and grows a collar around the wound. I like the sound of branches rubbing together in the wind.

The land has secrets and needs that I wish to know. In my installations, photographs, narratives and sculpture my engagement with the land comes through in a layering of experience. And by identifying, presenting and enhancing fragments from nature in my work I give them a voice of their own.

Saint Thomas Aquinas spoke of the "vegetative soul" which exists in nature. Like the mirror I use in my work that is shaped like a house, I see the natural world as a powerful mirror of our own society, both alive and being altered and damaged by progress. Like all structured communities the wilderness is in a search for survival. All my work deals with issues of habitat change. The natural world is, to me, in a search for survival. Through my work I hope to create an interest in people to protect wild, fragile spaces.



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