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Marcia McEachron

Marcia McEachron is an iron sculptor and visual artist whose work is imbued with the natural images that feed her spirit.

Moose is installed on a private estate in New England
Spirit is installed privately in Massachusetts Photo by  Judith Ann Sprague
The Gathering Tree being installled in the Sculpture Garden, Alexandria, MN, summer 2012
Tree as Home: Looking up through one leaf of The Gathering Tree
The Gathering Tree makes its strong shadow known
The Gathering Tree site with the sculptor


Courting Bench
" I love to sit in the woods and watch everything. 
I thought it would be nice to have a chair 
that had the forest built around it."


Four Seasons Railing: Spring @ Minnesota Childrens' Museum
Green Man with tulips
Shaman: farm machine recycle
Dance: railing element MN Childrens' Museum rooftop gallery
Live: railing element MN Childrens' Museum rooftop gallery
Prairie Dancer stands in a field: farm machinery recycle
Marcia with Installation at John Deere Corporate headquarters
Two views of bus shelter leaf, with bench and table

About the Artist

Every blacksmith is naturally drawn to steel yards. But Minneapolis artist Marcia McEachron took it a step further. "I moved to the Northeast neighborhood because I wanted to be near the steel yard. "It's so convenient."

Convenience is at a premium when metal is your medium. Just consider the storage, transportation, and physical strength it takes to work with hundreds of pounds of steel. "My rule is, any sculpture bigger than I am is sent to the metal fabricator," says McEachron, who collaborates with Linders Specialty Company in St.Paul to build her giant public sculptures.The partnership has produced whimsical prehistoric-sized leaves that are bus shelters in St. Paul and Minneapolis. She has recently installed a nine foot tall white-pine cone that stands in Edina's Centennial Lakes Park.

As a girl, Marcia filled her days with drawing--a passion that took er to the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where she earned a degree in drawing and painting in 1970. After eight years in arts administration she stumbled upon what would become her life's work. "One day in 1978, I walked into a blacksmith shop in Minneapolis, and there was this guy working metal. He was teaching classes, so I signed up."

Tool by tool, apprenticeship after apprenticeship, Marcia hammered away at the age-old craft, gradually gaining recognition for her contemporary spin on hand-forged steel furniture and art.

The piece that marked a turning point in her progression was Rainbow Horse, which she crafted in 1981 out of curved steel scrap and wheels. "I couldn't let go of that one," she says of the sculpture that graces her front yard, "It was the first time I worked with found objects. In that hunk of curved steel, I saw a horse."

Marcia's sculptures have been honored by being featured on the HGTV series Modern Masters. As a resident artist for COMPAS and Arts Boards in Minnesota and Montana, she has connected thousands of children with the delight of making art.

“I love working with metal. I love interpreting human experience in to the medium of metal. Each skill one acquires allows the imagination to grow."

Note: Text above adapted from Midwest Home Magazine, April 2008 article, "Woman of Steel", by Megan Kaplan. Photo directly above by Eric Moore.






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