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Margo McCreary


Margo McCreary wears many hats and costumes She is variously a puppeteer, an actor, a glass worker, a designer, seamstress, and mother. Margo is in high demand as a residency artist and performer. She started with In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre in 1976, and then cast off on her own. Her irrepressible good spirits onstage and in the classroom are contagious. Her world is peopled with her creations; at left she performs with Jack-the- Dog in her play 'Alpha Come Home.'

Margo is known for her larger-than-life puppet character, Ollie McNutt who has come to life with Margo inside for over 25 years.

For six years Margo was on the staff of Morning Earth summer teacher workshops, and currently teaches puppetry for the Center for Global Environmental Education at HamlineUniversity.

Margo as Maker

Left and above, Ollie McNutt hams it up while managing to look innocent and charming.

Jack-the-Dog is bright-eyed and smiling

Hoya isn't sure about its potting

finger puppets with character

And I was having such a good dream!

Who let all these vines in?

Lily the Frog

Margo as Teaching Artist


Introduction to Making Masks

Aquakids in a seascape of their own making

What it's All About

In Her Own Words

I have worked and played at being a puppeteer for many years. I love being a seamstress, painter, a hardware store junkie, voice transformer, and a digger into dark crannies of life.

I draw, sculpt, paint, sew, sand, write material for shows; I sing and dance. I observe movement in the world and bring it into characters and stories on the stage.

I am privileged to uncover things that end up being funny, and utterly sacred.
My work can be edgy and humorous, but I consider it compost for our earthy spirits!

Being in Nature restores me--
I soak in warm sun in Spring,
I listen to water move,
I walk through a brilliant sunlit meadow
as crickets rasp their song
and grasshoppers hurtle themselves out of my path.
Wind energizes me.
I am part of Earth's circle.

Being in Nature and feeling her to be so fully herself, helps me ease into being myself again.
Watch a bird try to pick up more than she can carry.
Remember that the Moon never gives herself a hard time for waning.
When we give voice and color and shape to how we connect to Nature, we gather into the Circle of Life.


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