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Perry Ingli

Perry Ingli is a plein-air artist who has worked primarily in pastels. His deep connection with the natural world is the result of his wanders in the countryside of his hometown, Plum City, Wisconsin, near the Mississippi River. Fluids (river, lake, wind) and their carvings of the landscape are central triggers of Perry's imagination.

fan dancer

Fan Dancer, Sumac Series, pastels (1990)


St. Croix River at Boomsite Park, two panels 15" x 89" (1995)


wenonah's Leap

Wenonah's Leap, Mississippi River Series, 4 panels, 45" x 88" (1995)


Sawbill Mountains at Temperance River, North Shore Lake Superior Series (1994)


Pepin Bluffs

Bluffs at Lake Pepin, Mississippi River Series, 3 panels. 45" x 66" (1994)


Aquarius Bluff, Lake Pepin, Mississippi R.
Cascade Falls, North Shore series


Tornado 34


Gooseberry Middle Falls, Lake Superior North Shore, field sketch (1997)


In His Own Words

I am a  midwestern visual artist, a country-born man who has not lost his roots. Inside my heart there is a continual conversation between Nature and Art. I am always looking for new landscapes to turn into art. I think of landscapes as eco-scapes formed by Earth's geology and weather over millions of years. 

I am what artists call a "plein air" artist.ingli working That means I work outside, directly from what I see, not from photographs. I have to be there.  I like hilly steep countryside and river bluffs, so sometimes I have to tie myself to trees while I'm working. I work with pastels on large sheets of paper on folding tables.

I take my time. I engage the natural-world in the slow lane; not the split-second aperture of a cameraís eye.  

I allow myself extended encounters with our region's land, water,sky, wind, wolf, moose, eagle, bear, loon;  where new experiences and age-old memories merge and interact in a sort of slowed-down time. 


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