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Debra Frasier
1953 -


Debra Frasier is one of our very best creators of books for children. Kids learn from her books; her glossaries are texts in themselves.

Here she receives one of her many awards for On the Day You Were Born

Debra as a Southern Belle. We now know that as the photo was taken, she had bare feet and sand between her toes. She is a true native of Florida.

Debra's reverence and respect for the natural world grew out of her childhood experiences living on the Atlantic Ocean near Vero Beach, Florida.

For her recent 50th birthday, Debra bought a canoe and resolved to paddle fifty rivers, come drought or high waters.

So far, Debra is up to twenty-five rivers.Half done! In the photo she holds onto a cypress "knee" exposed by very low water on Florida's Loxahatchee River. You can follow her paddling prowess and progress here in her River Journal.

Frasier's bestselling book On the Day You Were Born has been translated into many languages, and has been made into a wonderful play by the In the Heart of the Beast Mask and Puppet Theatre.

"On the eve of your birth word of your coming passed from animal to animal
 ...and the marvelous news migrated worldwide."
"Out of the Ocean is my attempt to tell a story in the language of wind, water, sky, and the objects that wash up on a morning's walk along the shore."


In Her Own Words

"Growing up beside the ocean was a childhood romance of living with the daily rhythms of spectacular cloud shows, rolling waves, and endless walks on a stretch of beach that never seemed the same.

I learned that wind is a language constantly written on the surface of water, and that the language of water answers eloquently in how a wave cracks or rolls.

And the tides taught me the language hidden inside objects. Every day stories arrived with whatever was washed up on the sand. Our wide beach porch grew thick with pieces of life from all over the world, things floating in from above sea level as well as below."

In The Space of the Sky
with Richard Lewis
Miss Alaineus
is a fine romp with words
Water Science meets Classroom Performance
Illustration from The Animal That Drank Up Sound


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