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Morning Earth Celebrates
the Confluence of Art and Ecology


Earth Life is a gift.
We receive the gift
While we are the gift.

Let us celebrate.

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  Graphic Ecology:How Does Life Work?
  The Ecological Function of Art

Despite human damage, much of nature remains alive and well and beautiful. It is our own deep nature and need to praise these wild joys.

We will not protect what we do not love. --Stephen Jay Gould

Morning Earth is an antidote to the poison of environmental despair.
Morning Earth is a path toward Ecoliteracy.
Morning Earth helps people renew and enhance their caring connections with Nature, from four directions:
Daily Healing Photo/Poems in celebration of Nature  
  Teacher Resources in the science and arts of nature.  

Artist/Naturalist Pages that celebrate artists whose primary source is our connection with Nature.

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New! Edith Holden New! Marsha Tudor
New! Marty Klein


How Does Life Work? a Graphic introduction to Ecology

NEW! Kingdom Fungi
NEW! The Ecological Function of Art
Plants in Symbiosis NEW! Plant Defense
NEW! Plant Dispersal
NEW! Pollination NEW! Plant Diversity




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